How To Setup Paystack on Magento 1

Our Paystack Module for Magento allows customers to buy your store products on checkout using their debit/credit cards or bank account details.


  • A working Magento installation

Installation Steps

  1. Go to the releases page at and download the .tgz file of the latest release
  2. Login to your Store Admin
  3. Navigate to System > Magento Connect > Magento Connect Manager.
  4. Scroll to Direct package file upload and click Choose File. Choose the downloaded .tgz file
  5. On loading the .tgz file, click Upload. You will get a response as shown below.
  6. Your extension is now properly installed and ready for use.


  1. In the Magento Admin panel, navigate to the System > Configuration section and select Payment Methods from the Sales section of the left‐hand Configuration menu.
  2. Find Paystack Inline Module and click the title to expand if not already expanded.
  3. Provide your Test keys and Live Keys as made available on the Paystack Dashboard.
  4. You may also change the title of the module specifying what you'd want your customers to see when choosing to pay via Paystack.
  5. Set your Webhook URL on your Paystack Dashboard to //your/magento/site/root/paystack/webhook/handler.
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