How to upgrade from a Paystack Starter Business to a Paystack Registered Business

Paystack Starter Businesses can upgrade their business to a Paystack Registered Business to remove the collections limit and get access to features like Paystack Transfers. You can upgrade your business by sending a business Upgrade Request request from the Paystack Dashboard.

There are two places where you can find the "Upgrade your business" modal on the dashboard, as shown in the images below:

(1) Right at the top of your Dashboard, you can find a red "Starter Business" drop-down box, which reveals a link to "upgrade to a Registered Business" after clicking.

(2) On the Settings page, click the "Upgrade Business" tab

Important to note:
To upgrade your Starter Business to a Registered Business, you have to provide your certificate of business registration from the Corporate Affairs Commission, as well as a Corporate Bank Account Number.

Need help with registering your business with CAC?

To assist you as a Starter Business with registering your business with the Corporate Affairs Commission, we have partnered with one of the first businesses on Paystack, DIY Law, who provides a transparent, simple, and affordable avenue for merchants who want to incorporate, to help with the process.

As shown in the image above, click the "Need help incorporating your business?" link to access discount codes. You as a Paystack merchant will enjoy a discount towards the cost of completing their company registration process with DIY Law.

You can follow this link to know more about the  requirements for using Paystack as a Registered Business

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