Verifying your phone number with Truecaller

Verifying your phone number with Truecaller increases your Starter Business collections limit (the total amount of money you can receive). The limit without the Truecaller verification is NGN 2 million and the limit after verification increases to NGN 3 million.

Where do you verify with Truecaller on the Dashboard?

1. You can choose to verify your phone number with Truecaller while sending in an account activation request, which gives you access to the NGN 3 million limit as soon as your account goes live.

2. You can choose to verify your business with Truecaller after account activation. To get this done, please visit the 'Settings' page and click on the 'Profile' tab. At the bottom of the Profile page, use the "Click to verify" button under Truecaller to start the verification process.

How does the verification process work?

After clicking to verify with Truecaller, the resulting page (as shown in the image above) usually has "Your phone number" field pre-filled with the number you signed up with. You can also edit the number to a phone number you have registered with on Truecaller.
Click "Submit" to prompt the verification instruction on your phone.
On your phone, follow the prompt to connect your Truecaller account with Paystack, and accept the request to complete verification.

After confirming the verification on your phone, click the "Refresh Now" button to complete your Truecaller verification.
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