Can I accept payments in USD?

Yes, Paystack can process payments in USD, and you can get settled in USD. To get settled in USD, you will need a USD domiciliary Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) account.

If you do not have a USD domiciliary account with GTB, you can accept international transactions in Naira and get settled in Naira instead.

Can I list my products or services in USD?

Yes, you can list your products or services in USD.

Can I get settled in USD?

Yes. If you have a USD domiciliary account with GTB, you can get settled in USD.

How much is the transaction fee for USD payments accepted via international cards?

The charge per USD transaction is 3.9% only.  This means that if a customer pays you 100 USD, Paystack will charge a transaction fee of 3.9 USD only - the equivalent of 3.9% of 100 USD.

How long will it take before I get settled?

Payments you receive in USD will get settled 7 working days after the customer pays you.

How do I add my USD domiciliary GTB account on Paystack?

>>Go to“Settings” page on your Paystack Dashboard [1] >> Click on the“Bank Accounts” tab [2] >> Click on“Add bank account” [3], and then add your USD domiciliary GTB account number. Here's a direct link to the login page.

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