How do I reconcile my payouts?

When making payouts to merchants, we always merge all the earnings for a particular day and settle a lump sum on the due date. This means instead of getting paid several times a day for the different transactions, we only pay you once.  Sometimes, this makes reconciliation difficult especially for larger corporations. 

Here is how to get a break down of your settlements right on your dashboard to make reconciliations easily.

How can I see the breakdown of my payouts?

It all starts from the merchant settlement email you receive from Paystack, it should look something like this: 

Each settlement has a unique reference number, that always starts with pstk, in this case, it's pstk-359143-h7jThe six-digit number in the middle is known as a payout ID and this is what you will use to track your settlement.  We've circled it in the image above and in this case it's 359143.

Important to note

We also send this payout ID in the credit alert narration you receive on your phone, email and bank statement.  However, it comes in a different form similar to this: PYZ,T,154844262940002,PSTK_359143, LANGTo identify the payout ID, it would always be the number preceded by PSTK.

How do I use this payout ID?

To use this payout ID, you simply need to insert it at the end of the link to your payouts menu on your dashboard, like this  So, in this case, this is how it will look

Simply follow your unique link and you will be redirected to the payout on your dashboard, which would show you the date we made the payment, the amount paid, and all the transactions that make up the lump sum.  The image below shows how this page will look:

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