What are the requirements for using Paystack as a Registered Business?

There are two categories of merchants that can use Paystack:

  1. Merchants with registered businesses - Paystack Registered Business
  2. Merchants with unregistered business - Paystack Starter Business

To use Paystack as a Registered Business, you'll need:

  • A Nigerian business registration document
  • A Nigerian corporate bank account
  • The BVN information of anyone affiliated with this business

Important to Note 

The business name of your corporate bank account MUST match the name on your business registration document for us to activate your business. Kindly click on this link to see the requirements you'll need to use Paystack if your business is unregistered.

What documents are acceptable as a business registration document for a Paystack Registered Business?

We accept the following documents as your business registration document:

  • Certificate of Incorporation issued by the Corporate Affairs Commission (RC/CAC_IT)
  • Business name Registration Certificate (BN)
  • Any other certificate that was used to open a corporate bank account (eg. Free Trade Zone Certificate, Letter of Authorization, etc)

What if I don't meet one or both of the requirements for a Registered Business? 

If you have a business registration document, but you are still working on your corporate bank account, we'll be able to activate your account so that you can start to receive payments, but we'll hold on to the money you receive until you've submitted a valid corporate bank account number.

Alternatively, you can open a Paystack Starter Business pending when you have the required documents for a Paystack Registered Business. Please click on this link to learn more about Paystack Starter Businesses.

In any of these scenarios, kindly send an email to support@paystack.com with an explanation about your situation or call our support line: +234 1 631 6160, and we'll be happy to work out a possible solution with you.

Where can I get more information about registering my business in Nigeria?

For more information about company registration in Nigeria, please see the website of the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission.

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