Pay with Visa QR

Visa QR is a new and innovative way to make payments with Paystack. It enables you to send money from your bank account to any Paystack merchant, by scanning a QR code. This channel is available to Nigerian customers with mobile banking applications integrated with Visa QR.

How do I pay with Visa QR?

  • You will first need to log into your mobile banking application and select Visa QR Payments
  • When on our checkout form, select the Visa QR channel and we will present you with a QR code
  • Scan this code and approve the payment on your mobile app 
  • After approving the payment on your mobile app, you will have to confirm payment on our checkout form and you're done!

Which banks can make Visa QR payments?

Nigerian customers using these banks can make Visa QR payments through their mobile banking application:
  • Access Bank (including Diamond)
  • Fidelity Bank
  • First Bank
  • Zenith Bank (separate application called "Zenith Scan To Pay")

Do Visa QR codes expire?

No Visa QR codes are always valid and do not expire except they are used.

What are the transaction charges for the Pay with Visa QR channel?

  • Charge per transaction is 1.5% + NGN 100
  • The NGN 100 is waived for transactions below NGN 2,500. This means that for transactions below NGN 2,500 the charge will be 1.5% only
  • Fees are capped at NGN 2,000 - this means no transaction will be charged more than NGN 2,000.

Can customers do recurring payments with the Pay with Visa QR channel?

It's currently not possible for customers to make recurring payments with the Pay with Visa QR payment channel.

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