What is a Paystack Registered Business?

A Paystack Registered Business is an organisation that is duly registered with the appropriate regulatory body. These businesses are licensed to operate in their respective industries and function at a larger scale than unregistered businesses.  

Also, Registered Businesses have access to all our features at Paystack, and have no collections limit.  

What are the requirements for a Paystack Registered Business?

  • A business registration document
  • A corporate bank account
  • The BVN information of any director/trustee affiliated with this business (for merchants in Nigeria)

What type of registration documents do we accept?

For business registered in Nigeria, we accept the following:

  • Certificate of Incorporation issued by the Corporate Affairs Commission (RC)
  • Certificate of Incorporated Trustees issued by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC_IT)
  • Business Name Registration Certificate issued by the Corporate Affairs Commission or the State government (BN)
  • Any other certificate that was used to open a corporate bank account (eg. Free Trade Zone Certificate, Letter of Authorization, etc)

What's the difference between a Registered and a Starter Business?

Registered Businesses are quite similar to Starter Businesses on Paystack and they share a number of features.  However, the major differences are the requirements and a few features which are illustrated below:

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