How to setup Paystack on ResellerClub

The ResellerClub plugin allows you to integrate Paystack with the ResellerClub Hosting platform. It's a simple plugin that you can embed into your PHP or ASP site to be able to receive payments.

Installation and Configuration

1. Open your ResellerClub dashboard and navigate to your Payment Gateways list.

2. Click on Add A Gateway.

3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Add It Now.

4. Fill the form. Basically, you need only the Gateway URL and the Gateway Name fields. You can put any random string in the Gateway URL field. We'll come back to it later. In the Gateway Name field, put Payments by Paystack. You can leave other fields as they are, unless you need to change them to your own preferences.

5. Take note of the Key that has been generated for the Payment Gateway.

6. Open your Paystack dashboard, Click on Settings and the select the API Keys & Webhooks tab. Take note of the Secret Keys, as you will be using them in the next steps.

7. Download the plugin here and extract it to your local computer. You should see the folder structure below:

You can use any of the folders you wish, depending on your platform. The setup works the same way. For this tutorial, we shall be using the PHP folder.

8. Open the php folder and then open the settings.php file in any compatible text editor. Copy the key from step 5 above into the $hostkey field, and the Secret Key from step 6 above into the $paystack_secretkey field. (Please note that you will need your Live Secret Keys for live transactions, and Test Secret Keys for test transactions)

9. Copy the PHP folder to the root directory of your server, and rename it as paystack.

10. Go back to step 4 above, and change the value of the Gateway URL to

 <enter domain address here>/paystack/pay.php (eg. 

That's all. Your Paystack integration to ResellerClub is complete.

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