How do I create a Paystack account?

Integrating with Paystack is free, and can be done super quickly. The steps below should guide you on how to get started. 

Follow this link and fill out the information here to create a free account:

After filling in your details, you'll be taken to a page to provide more details about yourself and your business. 

Once you are done providing this information, you'll need to activate your business to start accepting real money.  You can follow this link to send an activation request. 

The requirements for activating a Paystack Registered Business include providing a valid Business Registration Document from the CAC as well as a Corporate Bank Account that matches the name on your business registration document.  Here is a guide to activating your Registered Business.

For Paystack a Paystack Starter Business, the requirements are a valid form of identification; (i.e. International Passport, Driver's Licence, National ID or Voter's Card), your BVN and a personal bank account that matches your identification and BVN.  Here is a guide to activating your Starter Business.

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