Can Paystack process payments in USD/international currencies?

Can Paystack process payments from international cards?

Yes, Paystack processes payments from cards issued from anywhere in the world. 

Will Paystack remit funds to me in USD?

If you list your products or services in USD, Paystack will settle you in USD. Click here to read more on USD settlements.

[NOTE] Please note that you can only get settled in USD if you have a USD domiciliary Guaranty Trust Bank account.

If your Paystack account is not set up to get settled in USD, Paystack will process and remit international payments to you in Naira. 

What is the exchange rate for international payments?

If you don’t have USD settlements enabled, international payments will be processed and settled in Naira. The customer's bank determines the exchange rate and how much the customer will be charged in their own currency.

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