Paystack Dashboard Customers page

The Customers section of the Dashboard contains all detailed information about everyone who has paid you.

The Customers Summary Page

The Customers Summary page is the first page you see when you go to the Customers section. Let's walkthrough the various parts of this page.

1. At the very top you'll see the number of customers displayed in the table at the bottom of the Customers page.

2. You can filter customers by the date be first became a customer

3. You can search for customers by entering their first name, last name, or email address

4. Each row displays the customer's email, name, phone number (if provided) and the date and time they first became a customer. Clicking on an entry on the table takes you to the Customer's profile.

5. This is where you can add a customer manually

The Customer Profile

The Customer Profile contains detailed information about your relationship with a specific customer.

1. The first thing you'll see on the Customer Profile page is the customer's name and email address

2. This is the total amount of money this customer has spent with you

3. This is the total number of transactions this customer has attempted with you

4. This date is the first time that this customer attempted to pay you

5. If the customer has been blacklisted or whitelisted, this is where you'll see that alerted

6. The Update Customer button lets you change customer information including their First Name, Last Name, Phone number, and Fraud action.

7. To the right you'll see a Transactions section - that's where you'll see a list of all the one-time payments that this company has made.

8. If the customer has subscribed to a recurring payment plan, this is where you'll see the list of recurring payments they've made

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