Paystack Dashboard Income page

The Income section of the Dashboard contains information about payouts that have been made into the bank account connected to your business.

The Income Summary Page

The Income Summary page is the first page you see when you go to the Income section.

Each row represents a payout that has been made into your bank account. You can see how much was paid, when it was paid, and the status of the payment. 

Payout Detail Page

Clicking on any payment pulls up detailed information about that payout.

1. This is the date when the payout was made to your bank account

2. This is the total amount that was sent to you. It's the sum of all the payments that were made to you, less transaction fees.

3. This table lists every single transaction from your customers that contributed towards the total amount in 2. You can see the email address of the customer, the date and time they paid you, how much they paid you, and how much was paid to Paystack in fees.

4. You can export a handy Excel sheet with the following information about each transaction. Here's the information contained in the Excel sheet:

  • Reference number
  • Transaction date
  • Customer email
  • Amount paid
  • Paystack fee
  • Amount due to merchant
  • Settlement date (the date you were paid your income in your bank account)
  • Gateway response
  • Customer full name
  • Transaction ID
  • Card type
  • Card bank
  • Country code
  • Currency
  • Subaccount
  • Subaccount due

Learn more about Payouts

We have a whole section about getting your money from Paystack, including info about how to change your bank account number, and more. Check it out here.

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