The Paystack Topup feature

The Top Up feature allows you to pay money into your Paystack Balance, for the purpose of using the Transfers feature to send it to another bank account. The Top Up feature is only available to Paystack Registered Businesses.

NB: Paystack Starter Businesses do not have access to the Top Up feature on the Dashboard. If you wish to make use of the Top Up feature, you can upgrade your business to a Paystack Registered Business, where you're required to submit your business registration document by the CAC and your business corporate account. Click  Here to upgrade your business now.

Reasons you might want to use this feature include:

  • You might want to quickly pay vendors
  • You might want to quickly pay salaries

Since your money is already inside Paystack, many merchants find that it makes sense to send it directly from Paystack, rather than moving it first into a bank, and then sending it from the bank account.

How to Top Up into your Paystack Balance

Go to the Transfers section of the Paystack Dashboard

  1. To the far right, you'll see a section called Available Balance
  2. Click the button labeled Topup Balance
  3. Enter the amount you want to top up and click the Topup button
  4. You'll be able to top up your balance using your card, directly from your bank account, through GTB USSD and the QR code option.

Minimum top up amount

Please note that you must top up a minimum of NGN 100

How much does it cost to Top Up into your Paystack Balance?

It's free to top up into your Paystack Balance!

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