When should I use Payment Pages or Invoices?

Paystack provides two simple ways to accept payments from anyone, anywhere in the world, even if you don't have your own website:

  • Paystack Payment Pages
  • Paystack Invoices

What are Payment Pages?

Payment Pages are the simplest way to collect payment through Paystack. With Payment Pages, you can generate a simple link that allows customers to make one-time or recurring payments. You can send this link to customers via WhatsApp, email, Twitter DM, or any other digital medium of your choice. Click here to learn more about Payment Pages.

What are Paystack Invoices?

Paystack Invoices let you send a payment request an invoice to a specific person.  Click here to learn more about Invoices.

When should you use one over the other?

Payment Pages are a good choice when you want to accept payments from many different people, you may not know.  Also, it is the only way to collect subscription/recurring payments from the dashboard. With Payment Pages, you can share the link freely and publicly with the world.

You likely want to use Payment Pages if:

  • you're selling a standard set of goods or services with a fixed price to a mass audience
  • you'd like to charge a recurring subscription
  • you'd like the customer to be able to name their own price

Paystack Invoices, in contrast, are a lot more targeted. They're meant for a specific person and can include line items in a PDF invoice, tax considerations, and more. Additionally, when you use Paystack Invoices, it's possible to send payment reminders to customers who owe you money, and to keep track of how much you're owed, and how much you've collected.

You likely want to use Invoices if:

  • you sell specialized or bespoke goods and services for specific clients
  • you need to list line items on an invoice and calculate taxes on your bill
  • you want to be able to send reminders to a client

In summary, Payment Pages offer the most flexibility, while Paystack Invoices are optimized for direct payment requests to specific people.

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