How do I update my Paystack user account and business information?

When creating a Paystack account, you or someone else on your team would have provided some information about your business.  If you ever have the need to update your profile or business information, this can easily be done from your dashboard settings.

How do I update my Paystack Profile?

Your Paystack Profile holds key information about you, the owner of the business.  Here you have your full name and phone number, as well as the email address used to log into your Paystack account.  On this profile page, you are also able to reset the password used to log into your dashboard.  Here is an image illustrating what this looks like:

Let's break down each of the fields:

  1. Full name: Here, you should enter your first and last name in the fields provided.
  2. Email: The email provided here will be used for logging into your Paystack dashboard. Please note that if you change this email, going forward, you'll be required to sign in using the new email you provided
  3. Phone number: The phone number provided here serves as a direct contact if and when we need to reach you.
  4. Technical Skill Check: If you're a software developer, check this box to receive special email updates, as well as an optimized Dashboard experience. For example, if you have this box checked, we show links to the Developer Documentation more prominently.
  5. Password: This is where you can update the password you use to log into Paystack.

Very Important to Note

Keep your password private!
Your Paystack password is the key that keeps your account secured and it should not be shared with anyone.  If you'd like to give someone else access to your business on Paystack, please add them as a Team Member to your business. Here's how to add someone to your business on Paystack

How do I update my Business Information?

Your business information contains important details about your business and how we can contact you.  This will be the primary way that Paystack will contact you for all business-related issues, your support email is what we would provide to your customers when they need to reach you.  Here is an illustration of how this page looks:

Let's break down each of the fields:

  1. Default Currency: Here you can choose the default currency on your business. This can be either NGN or USD. To be able to switch to USD, you must have international payments enabled on your business and you must have added a GTB domiciliary account.
  2. Business General Contact EmailEnter your official business email address here. The email address receives all transaction notifications and general updates from Paystack. Also, if you don't provide a Support Email address, your Business Email will be attached to receipts and invoices.
  3. Support Email: This is the email address that will show up on email receipts to your customers. This is also the email address we'll give out to your customers if they need to reach out to you.
  4. Chargeback Email: This is supposed to be a dedicated email address where notifications of disputed transactions raised for your business by the banks are sent to. You're expected to respond to a chargeback raised within 24hours, so we recommend that this email address is checked often by a decision-maker at your organisation.
  5. Business Name: You can update the name of your business. This will be used to customize receipts, invoices, and your Payment Pages.
  6. Business Phone: The phone number provided here will receive One Time Passwords (OTP) when making Transfers from your dashboard.
  7. Business Address: This is the physical address of your company.
  8. Business Website: Here you provide a link to your business website, in case you have one.
  9. Social media: Here, you can provide links to your business' social media platforms.
  10. The Business Logo area is where you upload your official business logo. The image uploaded here will customize your Paystack Dashboard and will be attached to:
    - Receipts
    - Invoices
    - As the business logo on Payment Pages created by the business
    Please make sure your uploaded image is not more than 512 KB in size, and that it has a dimension of at least 128 x 128 pixels.

Important to Note

What if you can't see the Business Information section?
Please note that this section might not be visible on your Dashboard, depending on your User permissions levels. It's only visible to the Business Owner / Administrator.  Learn more about User roles on Paystack.

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