How to split a payment across multiple bank accounts

The Split Payments feature on Paystack allows you to split money received from a transaction across multiple accounts.

This makes it possible, for example, for a marketplace platform that sells goods on behalf of vendors to settle a second account in a painless way. Paystack automatically splits the payouts such that the vendor's bank account is credited with their share, and the platform owner gets credited with their own fees at the same time. 

How to Get Started With Split Payments

Subaccounts are the accounts of the Sellers/Freelancers/Vendors on your marketplace. When you split a payment, it goes to a Subaccount. To create a Subaccount, go to the Subaccounts page on your dashboard, and click the New Subaccount button.

Following Steps 1 - 5 in the image above, fill in the account details and percentage deduction for your subaccount.

The Percentage Deduction

The Percentage Deduction is the amount you're charging the subaccount for receiving money on their behalf. This means, for example, that if a payment of NGN 1,000 is made, and 10% is entered in the Percentage Deduction field, it means that the subaccount will receive 90% of NGN 1,000, while the main account will receive 10% of the payment.

Who gets charged the transaction fee?

When a transaction is split, the transaction fee is automatically charged to the main account. If the main account receives a 0% percentage deduction, the subaccount gets charged the transaction fee.

Double-check the subaccount info

When creating a subaccount confirm that the bank account details are entered correctly. Paystack will not be liable for payouts to an incorrect bank account.

If you've successfully created a subaccount, your Subaccounts page should look like this.

See transactions of all subaccounts

You can keep an eye on all split payments from the Transactions page. After you create at least one subaccount, you'll see an 'All Accounts' dropdown on the Transactions page. Click this drop-down to show a list of all subaccounts, and click on a subaccount to see all the transactions that were split with that account. 

Once you've done this, you can use the Export CSV button at the top right to download the transaction record for each subaccount in order to track your split transaction history.

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