Set your business preferences

The Preferences tab is found on the Settings page of the Dashboard. It's where you can make several changes to how you want Paystack to work for you. Let's see how this settings can affect you and your customers.

1. Payment Channels 

This lets you decide the channels through which you want your customers to be able to pay you. Paystack currently offers the option for your customers to either pay you using their Debit/Credit card, directly from their bank account, through USSD (presently GTB's *737#) or by scanning a QR code. 

We believe that the more options your customers have when trying to pay you, the more likely it is that their transaction will be successful - this is why we advise that you select all of the options. When your customers click the Checkout / Pay button on your website, they'll see a pop-up similar to the one below.

If they're currently not in possession of their Debit/Credit card (or if the card transaction fails), they can easily click the "PAY WITH BANK" tab and a new option like the one below will show up. 

At this point, they simply select their bank from options, input their account number and make their payments after verification. Learn more about the Pay with Card and Pay with Bank payment channels.

2. Email Receipts

Selecting  Email Receipts means that, whenever your customers make a payment to you, they'll automatically get a receipt in their email inbox. This receipt will carry a reference code, as shown in the example below. This reference code will enable you track the transaction on your own platform should you need to verify or confirm the payment.

3. Transaction Emails

Transaction emails are email alerts you will receive when a customer pays you using Paystack. Turning on this feature means you'll get a mail like the one below for every completed transaction. You'll notice that this also contains a reference number, which should match the one in the receipt sent to the customer for that particular transaction.

4. Transfer Emails

One of the cool features that merchants find useful is our Transfers feature. Transfers let you move money from your Paystack Balance to any Nigerian bank account of your choice. (Learn more about our  Transfer feature) 

Turning on the 'Transfer Emails' feature means you will get an email receipt in your email box whenever you complete a Transfer from your Dashboard.

5. Transfer Email to Recipients

Enabling this option on your settings means that we'll send email notifications to your transfer recipients after a successful Transfer is made. This is in addition to the recipient's bank notifying them once their bank account is credited.

6. International Payments

Turning this feature on means that your customers living in foreign countries can also purchase your products online and pay you from their location, using the debit/credit cards issued in their country. 

We currently process and remit International transactions both in Naira and USD. This means that if the pricing on your website is in Naira, we'll charge the exact amount from the payer's card, and settle the amount minus the transaction fees to your Naira bank account.

For products listed on your website in USD, settlements will be done to your USD Dom settlement bank account.

You can learn more about  International Payments here.

7. Payout Schedule

Here, we show you the payout plan you're on. By default, every new business is on an automatic next day settlement plan, which means that we automatically make your payout to the bank account we have on record.

8. Transfer Confirmation

To complete a Transfer request from your Dashboard, you'll require an OTP (One Time Password). This OTP is sent to the phone number registered to your account as a form of confirmation that you're the one carrying out the transfer.  However, if you do not want to type in an OTP whenever you are carrying out a Transfer, you can do that by unchecking this feature box.

9. Test Data

You're able to experiment with the various Paystack tools without hesitation while the Dashboard is set to Test Mode. You can delete this info at anytime using the Delete Your Test Data button. The test data deleted will include:

  • Test transactions
  • Test Payment Pages
  • Test customers, etc.

10. Generate Financial Report

You're able to download your full financial statement here, which includes your opening, running and closing balances. The report generated will be sent to your email box.

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