Paystack Test Keys, Live Keys, and Webhooks

APIs make it possible for programs to communicate and share data with each other efficiently. In our case, Paystack's APIs allows your website to communicate and share data with Paystack's server.

Because APIs allow our server share data with your website when you make a request, we need to be able to confirm that you are the one making the request through your website. This is where API Keys come into play. When your website sends or requests data from Paystack servers, it needs to send them along with the API Keys from your Dashboard, else the request will be denied.

Important to Note

When you sign up on Paystack, we encourage you to test out our platform, so you can fully understand the payment flow before activating your account. This is why we have the Test Mode available. In Test Mode, you can carry out transactions using a test card or bank account that is provided on the test payment page.

How to get your Test API Keys

In order to get your Test API Keys, simply go to your dashboard settings and click on the API Keys & Webhooks tab.  Scroll to where it says "API Configuration - Test Mode", here you will find your Test Secret Key and Test Public Key as captured below:

After you're done testing and are satisfied with your integration, you'll need your Live API Keys to be able to receive real money from your customers.

How To Get Your Live API Keys

In order to get your Live API Keys, simply go to your dashboard settings and click on the API Keys & Webhooks tab.  Scroll to where it says "API Configuration - Live Mode", here you will find your Live Secret Key and Live Public Key as captured below:

Important to Note

You can only toggle to "Live Mode" if your account has been activated. Please follow this link to learn more about how to activate your Paystack account.

What is the Callback URL?

The callback URL is a web address of where you want your customers to be redirected to after a successful payment is made. This could be your social media page, your website - you can even redirect them to send you a message on Whatsapp!  If you would like to set up a callback URL simply paste the link in the appropriate callback URL field.

What is the Webhook URL?

A Webhook is a link on your server to which Paystack sends information for successful transactions that go through your account. This is important in cases where, for example, a customer doesn't get redirected to your callback URL after a successful transaction. In this case, our server sends your webhook URL a notification so you can provide value.   If you would like to set up webhooks, simply paste the link on your server in the appropriate webhook URL field.

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