How to set up Paystack on Drupal - Ubercart

You can receive Payments on your Drupal site. To get started, you need to find the right Paystack module for your Drupal site. We currently have Paystack modules for Ubercart and Drupal Commerce

In this article, we will be discussing Paystack Ubercart module but the process is very similar for other Drupal plugins.  Follow this link for the Paystack Module for Drupal Commerce.


Follow this link to download the Paystack module from Github. Click on the Clone or Download button and Click on Download Zip in the pop-out that is displayed.

Next, on your Drupal site Dashboard, click on Module menu and click Install New Module on the menu Modules page. 

Upload the Paystack Ubercart Module you downloaded to your site and click Install.

Install Ubercart before Paystack Module

Please ensure that you've properly installed Ubercart on your site before installing the Paystack Module. The Paystack Ubercart Module cannot work without Ubercart.

Configuring Paystack

After you have installed the Paystack module, you need to set up plugin to be able to receive Payment with Paystack. On your Drupal Dashboard menu, click on Store. In the Configuration section, click on Payment Methods. This will show the list of Payment methods enabled in your module list. Make sure that Paystack is checked. If you don't find Paystack on this list, go back to Module list and make sure that Paystack is properly installed and enabled.

Click on the settings link on the Paystack option to configure the module. Next, go to your Paystack Dashboard Settings API keys, copy you API Keys and paste them in the appropriate input fields.

At the bottom are 2 radio boxes Live and Test. Paystack provides test parameters that allows you simulate a transaction without using real money. If you select Test, Paystack will be using your Test API keys to parse the payments, meaning that the orders processed then will be done with test cards, no real money is exchanged therefore no real value should be delivered. When you are ready to start receiving to real payments, select the Live option.

How to get your Test and Live API Keys

There are 2 states on your dashboard: Live Mode and Test Mode. You'll see the Test Mode/Live Mode toggle on the top right corner of your dashboard after your business has been activated.

When you go to the Settings Page to get your API keys, please note the mode that your dashboard is in, as that will determine the keys that will be displayed.  So if the dashboard is on Test Mode, you can only see the Test API Keys and vice versa. To see the other Keys, switch the toggle from one mode to another.

If there is no toggle and it's just Test Mode, this means that your Paystack account has not been activated. Please follow this link to activate your account

Change Your Store currency to Naira

Currently, Paystack only supports only Naira. Please ensure that your store currency is in Naira. To change the store settings, from your Drupal dashboard menu, select Store and go to the Configuration section and click Store. Then click on the currency tab and change the currency setting to NGN.

Paystack on Your Site

If you did all these properly, you should see Paystack in the payment options on your checkout page.

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