Paystack Go Customers Page

The Paystack Go Customers page allows you to see the number of customers you have, and how much business each customer has done with you. Selecting the Customers tab on your Dashboard should take you to a page that looks like the image below.

The Customers page lists all the customers that have ever attempted to pay you. To search for a particular customer, you simply type their details into the search bar shown by the arrow in the image above. You can search for customers using their Name or email address.

You can find out more details about your customers by tapping on any customer in your Customers page. If we tap on a Customer from the Customer page above, say "Stephen Curry" we should see more details about the customer as shown in the image below.

1. Phone: This shows the customer's phone number.

2. Transactions Attempts: This lets you know how many transactions this customer has attempted with your business.

3.  Successful Payments: This lets you know how many successful transactions this customer has made with your business.

4. Spend: This tells you how much the customer has spent in total with your business.

5. Blacklist customer: This allows you to Blacklist a customer. Blacklisting a customer means that the customer will no longer be able to pay your business with Paystack. Use the Blacklist feature if you discover that a customer is fraudulent. 

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